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By the Winter Light by Platti By the Winter Light :iconplatti:Platti 1 2 I.D. 11.05.2013 by Platti I.D. 11.05.2013 :iconplatti:Platti 1 0
I’ve seen the rain.
Yeah, I’ve felt it too.
I’ve chased every broken dream until the end.
Countless times I’ve found a lifeline,
Just to suck it dry in the end.
I remember the day I believed in fabricated lies.
I’ll never forget the feeling…
As I tore down every last brick to that house you’ve been building.
Stacked up on arrogance,
Torn down by the ignorant bliss,
Eradicated by the hopeless feeling in the pit
Of your stomach.
The crowd’s waiting…,
And so am I,
That speech you’ve been saving for this day.
One more pause and surely they’ll catch on…
Stumbling before walking right,
You really should have learned to crawl.
One more chuckle and you’re going to break.
I can see you squirm,
Oh, I’ve been waiting for this.
I have to hand it to whoever it was
That made you sweat.
I felt the thunder resonate in my chest,
I saw the lightning streak across the sky,
I’ve felt the rain…,
Have you eve
:iconplatti:Platti 0 0
The Hardest Part of Holding on is Letting it Go by Platti The Hardest Part of Holding on is Letting it Go :iconplatti:Platti 2 1 Independence Day by Platti Independence Day :iconplatti:Platti 3 0 Incoming Storm by Platti Incoming Storm :iconplatti:Platti 1 3
Human Back in Humanity
I want to feel so much that it burns. I want to feel it all, like a thick liquid that slides down your throat, and leaves a tingling burn down the edges…the kind of liquid that leaves your mouth and throat dry, just so you have to find the antidote to quell the swelling, and the disappointed bile rising up.
I want to drink from waterfalls that we only see in pictures, I want to climb the walls all the way to the top and submerge my head completely under the pristine surface, and feel the water flow through me.
I want to scale the sides of mountains, just to stand with my hands in the air at the uppermost peak of humanity.
I want to scream, so that everybody will hear my voice, even if they don’t want to, or even if it is saying something nonsensical.
I want to dance as if nobody is watching, I want to feel the music flow from my fingertips, through my brain, pulsating through my heart and filling my veins like air, giving way to movement in tandem with the beautiful notes
:iconplatti:Platti 0 2
Into The Flood by Platti Into The Flood :iconplatti:Platti 1 2
Thank You.
I'm writing this to you, yes: you. I want you to know that you are worth everything you keep denying yourself of. You need to know that no matter how many times you fall down, as long as you keep getting back up, you will prevail. Do not let life get you down; if life was easy, it would not be worth living. I would like you to realize that your happiness means so much more to some people than you would think.  
So get back up! Dust yourself off, and face each day as if it's your last and with a smile gracing those beautiful features of yours, and don't let anybody get you down.
Thank you for still being here.
:iconplatti:Platti 2 0
Peek A Boo! by Platti Peek A Boo! :iconplatti:Platti 22 14
My feet lightly grazed the floor as I refused to look at my plate. With an agitated sigh, my mother reached over to delicately pick up my fork, loading it with the disgusting green stuff.
"Come on, Kate. It'll make you grow up big and strong!" she proclaimed, making me roll my eyes and pout at the same time.
"But mom, that stuff's nasty!" I crossed my arms over my chest with an indignant huff, there was no way in hell I was going to eat it.
"Kate." she was using her 'warning' tone now, and I knew that it was now or never. With watery eyes, I took the offered fork and shoved the vile food into my mouth, wincing visibly. She smiled falsely at me, somewhere in my ignorant mind, I knew she didn't particularly like the substance either. I spit it out and onto my plate, making her mirror my earlier disgusted look.
"That's disgusting Kaitlin!" I know it made her angry, but I really, really didn't like spinach.
"What's going on?" my step-dad asked as he came into the kitchen from the ou
:iconplatti:Platti 0 2
Quotes 2 by Platti Quotes 2 :iconplatti:Platti 3 0 Lost by Platti Lost :iconplatti:Platti 1 2 Determined - Naruto GFX by Platti Determined - Naruto GFX :iconplatti:Platti 12 4
I hid in the corner, behind the building, trying to ignore the fact that I was not getting the hang of things. I was hoping beyond hope that I could get a hang of tying the laces, without being made fun of by my siblings again.
"Okay…grab the laces…", at this point I took one in each hand, determination racing through my veins, "Cross them…over and under…", I did as I whispered aloud to myself, "Now make a loop…wrap it around…" my fingers tangled into the shoe-laces and frustration took place of determination.
On the verge of tears, I swore under my breath. Sitting down, I scuffed my feet at the dirt beneath them, as if it was their fault.
"Still can't get a hang of it, eh?" I nearly died of a heart attack. When did he get here? I thought to myself as I backed away a bit. He just chuckled and grabbed a hold of my shoe-laces.
"Try it the Bunny Ears way." I knew I was confused, but it must have shown because he demonstrated.
"See. Grab both laces, and make t
:iconplatti:Platti 0 0
Mama Bear and Baby Bear - Third Tattoo by Platti Mama Bear and Baby Bear - Third Tattoo :iconplatti:Platti 0 0


TINR: Trust Pt.2 by Gatobob TINR: Trust Pt.2 :icongatobob:Gatobob 67 31 R by VEKTTOR R :iconvekttor:VEKTTOR 148 24 Marilyn Monroe Inverted Drawing by Liam J. York by MrYorkie Marilyn Monroe Inverted Drawing by Liam J. York :iconmryorkie:MrYorkie 4,907 677 Big Hero 6 Doodle: Napping by Ayemae Big Hero 6 Doodle: Napping :iconayemae:Ayemae 401 14 Big Hero 6 by rainubrew Big Hero 6 :iconrainubrew:rainubrew 1,844 69 Big Hero6 by 00lin00 Big Hero6 :icon00lin00:00lin00 818 33 Big Hero 6 by SimomarK Big Hero 6 :iconsimomark:SimomarK 1,080 18 [Big Hero 6] Tomodachi by kuroshinki [Big Hero 6] Tomodachi :iconkuroshinki:kuroshinki 1,356 51 Big Hero 6 by SeanE Big Hero 6 :iconseane:SeanE 435 10 Big Hero 6 by kazutera Big Hero 6 :iconkazutera:kazutera 1,226 54 Big Hero 6 by jardc87 Big Hero 6 :iconjardc87:jardc87 723 39 Big Hero 6 by charlestanart Big Hero 6 :iconcharlestanart:charlestanart 1,913 49 Big Hero 6 by godohelp Big Hero 6 :icongodohelp:godohelp 2,109 33 Abandoned Iron Giant At Lake In Swiss Mountains by fantasio Abandoned Iron Giant At Lake In Swiss Mountains :iconfantasio:fantasio 13,728 744 IE-senpai Speaks (Animated) by Cioccolatodorima IE-senpai Speaks (Animated) :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 7,323 639 Disney University - Shere Khan by Hyung86 Disney University - Shere Khan :iconhyung86:Hyung86 2,665 179




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Hey there guys, I don't know if you were paying attention lately or not to me (XD that sounds so depressing) but I've been uploading a lot more of my writing and I do this becaaaaaaaaaaause I don't remember a lot of my childhood (Traumatic events and whatnot) so as I remember bits and pieces of my past, I've decided to write them down as little non-fiction stories, so I wanted to know what you guys thought of this? :3

See ya! I hope ya'll are doing good <3



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